Sunday, 14 August 2011

Piglet Nails (Matching the Tigger)

Now for these Piglet nails you will need a light pink, a dark pink, a lilac, a white and a black. Also a small paintbrush, a thin paintbrush and either a toothpick/nail dotter tool/hair bobby pin. I have used LA colour - light pink, Barry M - lilac & pink, white and Rimmel - Black. 

Firstly on the thumb you want to draw out a pear like shape in the light pink,with a paintbrush.
Then on your other fingers apart from the pinky, paint with the light pink as a base colour and on the pinky a little light pink swirl like a pig tail.
 Then using a thin paintbrush on the other fingers (not the pinky) do pink and lilac stripes, and on the pinky pink and black swirl like a piggys tail. 
 Then using a small paintbrush paint with pink the ears and nose, and with black and using a dotting tool or something of the same use dot the eyes, and then a white dot inside when dry, then paint on in black some little eyebrows.
 Then you now have oinkly cute Piglet nails!! 

Tigger Nails.

Now these Tigger nails are a bit tricky, and i accidently forgot to take a picture of me doing the black lines (sorrrrryyyy :( ) But i still  have a few pictures. These are ones i done on my other sister, she has piglet on the other hand which ill also put up to!

Now for these nails you will need a small thin paintbrush, small paintbrush, cotton wool buds, and either a dotter toil/toothpick/bobby hair pin. And a light orange(or mix orange and white), orange, black, baby pink, and white. I have used Collection 2000- Orange, Rimmel - Black, LA Colour - Pink and white.

Firstly you want to draw the outline of the face with a small paintbrush with the orange and paint that in, let that dry then the same shape but smaller with the lighter orange, let that dry, then using a cotton wool bud dip it into the pink and let 3/4 of the bud onto the nail to form a cut off nose shape. Then you want to draw in the detail with the thin small paintbrush, this is really tricky so make sure your nail owner is very still! 

 Then on your other fingers but not your pinky do a orange base coat, let that dry then using a small thin paintbrush/cocktail stick paint some stripes on with black. 
On the pinky only paint half the nail in a tail shape, but the same method as above. Then finally...whalllahhh!! TIGGER NAILS

Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial

 This is a picture tutorial on how to do Cupcake nails. Firstly you will need a selection of four colours for sprinkles, a light and dark of the same colour for the cupcake holder, and a white. Also, a small thin paintbrush, and either a nail dotter/toothpick/hair bobby pin

 Firstly Paint your four fingers in the sprinkle colours you have chosen. I would suggest bright and fun colours. Ive gone for Barry M - Red. LA colour - Purple. OPI - Orange and Barry M -Pink. 

Then on your thumb do a square shape in the darker colour of your choice of cupcake colour, i have chosen Barry M - Dark purple. Then with the white do like a splodgey white blob, then indent into the dark purple with the white and a paintbrush to make like little waves. Then using the light colour of your choice of cupcake colour where you have made the waves draw vertical lines, dont worry if you mess up and get the colour on the white you can go over it with the white again. 

 Then what i chose to do was dots and stripes on the other nails to keep it simple and cute. You can do the dots with either a nail dotter/toothpick/hair bobby pin and the stripes small thin paint brush. 
 Then using your base colours on your fingers, use either a nail dotter/toothpick/hair bobby pin and make sprinkles and a cherry. Then wahlaahhhhhh!! Cupcake nails ...
Need any more help just leave a comment!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Cookie Monster & Elmo Nails.

These are my nails at the moment, Cookie monster and cookies, and Elmo and balloons. There mainly done with cotton wool buds, and a paintbrush. The cookie monster nails i saw on youtube, but changed the look of the cookies and the elmo idea was all my own, and put the two together and wahlahhh! Sesame street nails. If only i had yellow for big bird! Let me know if you want a detailed description on how to do them. x

Friday, 12 August 2011

A Spring Snap

This is a photograph I took in April, i don't call myself a photographer, i just take photographs which make me smile and interest me, and i know they are not amazing! lol. These bluebell looking flowers grew naturally in my garden, and are in fact classed as a weed. I couldn't quite get my head round as to why something so colourful is so unwanted. I used  a super close macro setting, and got underneath. I just love the colour of this flower. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Animal Nails.

I am a big sucker for animals, any animal big or small, i just love them. I always feel the need to protect theme even if its a incy wincy spider, i will pick it up and put it in a safe place. So when i was thinking of something new i can do on my nails, animals came to mind. These are my animal nails i done myself, using cocktail sticks, a white tip nail varnish, a paintbrush and normal nail varnish, from OPI, Rimmel, Barry M, and bargain £1 ones from Westfield. If anyone wants to know how to do animal nails just leave a comment and ill spill the beans! x

Hello Blog Spot.

Obviously that little person up there is me and this is my first post on my blogspot blog. Which i am mainly going to use as my creative blog, rather than my personal which i have a tumblr for. I joined blogspot to start writing about what i love, and posting pictures of things i think are beautiful, fashion, things i have created and what not. 
I probably wouldn't of had the balls if it wasnt for the beautiful Pepper. (Click on her name for her wonderful blog, you must check out her Looks!) Even though we are the only two people in our town to have blogs, we support each other and each others passion for all things creative, so thank you Pepper! 
So i will be sharing on my blog many things, i can't quite say yet because what happens tomorrow i do not know, but it will be photographs, writing, etc which i love, and want to share with people who also enjoy the same things. 
Posts coming very soon...