Thursday, 11 August 2011

Animal Nails.

I am a big sucker for animals, any animal big or small, i just love them. I always feel the need to protect theme even if its a incy wincy spider, i will pick it up and put it in a safe place. So when i was thinking of something new i can do on my nails, animals came to mind. These are my animal nails i done myself, using cocktail sticks, a white tip nail varnish, a paintbrush and normal nail varnish, from OPI, Rimmel, Barry M, and bargain £1 ones from Westfield. If anyone wants to know how to do animal nails just leave a comment and ill spill the beans! x


  1. OMG! When I first saw this photo I thought you'd stolen it from Google images, haha! They look amazing Sam, must show me how to do these! X

  2. I shall do a youtube tutorial next week :) First ever one too! x