Sunday, 14 August 2011

Piglet Nails (Matching the Tigger)

Now for these Piglet nails you will need a light pink, a dark pink, a lilac, a white and a black. Also a small paintbrush, a thin paintbrush and either a toothpick/nail dotter tool/hair bobby pin. I have used LA colour - light pink, Barry M - lilac & pink, white and Rimmel - Black. 

Firstly on the thumb you want to draw out a pear like shape in the light pink,with a paintbrush.
Then on your other fingers apart from the pinky, paint with the light pink as a base colour and on the pinky a little light pink swirl like a pig tail.
 Then using a thin paintbrush on the other fingers (not the pinky) do pink and lilac stripes, and on the pinky pink and black swirl like a piggys tail. 
 Then using a small paintbrush paint with pink the ears and nose, and with black and using a dotting tool or something of the same use dot the eyes, and then a white dot inside when dry, then paint on in black some little eyebrows.
 Then you now have oinkly cute Piglet nails!! 

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