Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tigger Nails.

Now these Tigger nails are a bit tricky, and i accidently forgot to take a picture of me doing the black lines (sorrrrryyyy :( ) But i still  have a few pictures. These are ones i done on my other sister, she has piglet on the other hand which ill also put up to!

Now for these nails you will need a small thin paintbrush, small paintbrush, cotton wool buds, and either a dotter toil/toothpick/bobby hair pin. And a light orange(or mix orange and white), orange, black, baby pink, and white. I have used Collection 2000- Orange, Rimmel - Black, LA Colour - Pink and white.

Firstly you want to draw the outline of the face with a small paintbrush with the orange and paint that in, let that dry then the same shape but smaller with the lighter orange, let that dry, then using a cotton wool bud dip it into the pink and let 3/4 of the bud onto the nail to form a cut off nose shape. Then you want to draw in the detail with the thin small paintbrush, this is really tricky so make sure your nail owner is very still! 

 Then on your other fingers but not your pinky do a orange base coat, let that dry then using a small thin paintbrush/cocktail stick paint some stripes on with black. 
On the pinky only paint half the nail in a tail shape, but the same method as above. Then finally...whalllahhh!! TIGGER NAILS

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