Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hello Blog Spot.

Obviously that little person up there is me and this is my first post on my blogspot blog. Which i am mainly going to use as my creative blog, rather than my personal which i have a tumblr for. I joined blogspot to start writing about what i love, and posting pictures of things i think are beautiful, fashion, things i have created and what not. 
I probably wouldn't of had the balls if it wasnt for the beautiful Pepper. (Click on her name for her wonderful blog, you must check out her Looks!) Even though we are the only two people in our town to have blogs, we support each other and each others passion for all things creative, so thank you Pepper! 
So i will be sharing on my blog many things, i can't quite say yet because what happens tomorrow i do not know, but it will be photographs, writing, etc which i love, and want to share with people who also enjoy the same things. 
Posts coming very soon...

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  1. I am so very proud of my fellow towny blogger! Let the road of blogging luck begin! xxx